Playboy TV Airs 'Foursome' Marathon

PRESS RELEASE - Playboy TV will air a full season 1 marathon of its popular reality series "Foursome" on Saturday, May 17 beginning at 6 p.m. 

"Foursome" chronicles the sensual exploits of two very hot girls and two equally attractive guys who are brought together for a 24-hour blind date in a private Southern California mansion.

Cameras situated in every possible location including the pool, showers, kitchen, living areas and bedrooms capture all the action as these four adventurers navigate the sensual and social possibilities of their close quarters. "Survivor" cast member Ozzie is one of the featured men enjoying situations far more gratifying than any tribal council.

Another "Foursome" marathon will run on Saturday, May 24.

A second season of "Foursome" with a new cast and location will premiere on Playboy TV June 6.