Playboy Pushes On In Copyright War

Playboy Enterprises plans to increases its monitoring of the Internet for unauthorized use of their images. Just last week, Playboy announced the victory of an infrigement suit filed against Five Senses Productions for their use of unapproved images.\n For the last year, Playboy has used digital watermarks, a technology used to attach identity tags to images owned by the publication. Because this technique has not proven successful, Playboy carries on, searching for an alternative. Paul Feith, technical manager of new media for Playboy, said that, "As one of the world's most infringed copyright names, we have to do something."\n A prospective solution for Playboy's copyright dilemna is IP2's small Java applet attachements. This breakthrough can prevent both downloading and sending of material from a user's computer to another location. Though Playboy is surveying many solutions, IP2's appears to be a solid choice.\n In retaining millions of dollars from fee-based services that resold their images from Internet Newsgroups, Playboy has developed a strong position as a defender of its copyright images. Violators, beware.