Platinum Bucks Launches Discount Pass Bucks

Platinum Bucks is launching a new program called Discount Pass Bucks. With a low monthly membership to the surfer of $9.82, a payout to Webmasters of $25 per sign up, and a 5 percent referral program in place, Discount Pass Bucks is aiming to ease some of the problems caused by the recent Visa regulations.

“The inspiration for this program came simultaneously with Visa’s inspiration to create their 1 percent rule,” said Platinum Bucks Sales Account Manager Platinum Ellisa. “We were looking for a product that would drive sales up without adding to our current chargeback ratio. The low price points make it a lot more enticing to the surfer, and it keeps them in our member areas for much longer.”

Discount Pass Bucks offers 30 high-converting sites, covering both gay and straight markets, as well as numerous niches, promotional tools and the opportunity for Webmasters to maximize the profit they can make with their traffic.

“The members are being offered an incredible savings, and the initial transaction does not increase, nor does it surprise them with a plethora of additional charges on their monthly bills; as a result they will stay months longer than in a $40 program,” Ellisa told “This increased stay allows us to keep their membership prices low and the members are consequently less pressured to try and see everything in our member area in a short period of time, so I think they are also enjoying their stay more.”

With their $25-per-sign-up program, Discount Pass Bucks seeks to lure Webmasters or potential affiliates looking for ways to increase their own revenue by providing quality sites for a quarter of the cost of regular pay sites.

“The payouts had to remain competitive with the $30 and $40 programs, as we would not have any Webmasters to promote this great new business model,” Ellisa said.

“The reaction has been really overwhelming,” Ellisa continued. “Everyone is eager to try something new, and we happen to have one of the newest products on the market. The conversions from our beta testing were as low as 1:37 and no higher than 1:50 off of our own mail traffic. The Webmasters who have been promoting these sites already are really pleased with the results. Some of our clients have had double the results they usually get when they promote regularly priced sites in a similar way. So as the news about this exciting new program spreads around the industry I think it will bring us a lot of success in the near future.”