Platinum Blue Not Selling Jill Kelly Productions Catalog

Platinum Blue Productions will not be handling sales for Jill Kelly Productions, as was widely reported in late November.

After having initially agreed on the requisites of the deal, JKP was unwilling to complete negotiations of what Platinum Blue's legal team outlined. Platinum Blue co-owner Dean Sussman was to act as head of sales for JKP, and as liaison between the two companies.

"We have decided that working with JKP does not fit into to the big picture for Platinum Blue Productions," Platinum Blue co-owner and president, Skye Blue, told "With JKP in bankruptcy, and after several back and forth negotiation attempts, we feel that proceeding with any further negotiations that is would not be beneficial to Platinum Blue Productions."

With its fast-growing library of titles, Platinum Blue Productions will continue to focus on its own sales and video productions.

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