'Pirates II' Hits One-Year Mark on AVN Retail Buzz Chart

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Following in the footsteps of its record-breaking predecessor, Digital Playground's Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge has officially reached its one-year anniversary continuously appearing on AVN's weekly Retail Buzz chart.

The adult epic has also remained on the monthly rental and sales charts in AVN magazine since its release Sept. 27, 2008.

"The last movie that made the charts for a full year was Pirates," said AVN chairman Paul Fishbein. "So even though everyone complains about lack of DVD sales, great movies with great production values still can become big hits. If anything can save the DVD business, it's big movies like Pirates II."

Echoed director and Digital Playground founder Joone, "It feels good, in this time when everyone feels the business is being destroyed by free content on the internet, that when there's a good production out, the fans will go out and buy it."

Joone attributes the longevity of Pirates II's popularity, as well as that of the original, to the headliners' star power and the Hollywood-like scale.

"It wasn't approached as your traditional adult feature," he explained. "It was approached as a mainstream feature with good sex in it. And I think the difference is that, if people want to just get off, they can do that so easily going on the internet, but if they want to have an experience, and enjoy something with their girlfriends or their wives or with friends, you need something like this."

So will there be a Pirates III? Joone remained mum on that question, but he did hint, "My goal has always been to create bigger and better projects, and I'm working on actually a couple that I've been working on the script for the last year, and it's getting to the place where I'm happy with it and then we can do it."