Pink Visual, Launch

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Porn people well recall the announcement several months ago that Jenna Jameson was supporting Hillary Clinton for president - but with the 2008 election nearly upon us, isn't it time that the adult business community, with its billions of dollars in annual sales, take its place among the legitimate commentators on who'd be the best choice?

Thank goodness someone thinks so! With just about 50 days to go until, if things unfold as they're supposed to, the United States chooses a new president, adult producer Pink Visual and VOD giant Yappo have joined forces to create, a place where porn stars and other adult personalities can express their political thoughts (or, in the case of new Vivid contract girl Nikki Jayne, their lack of same) (hey, give the girl a break - she's British) on everything from who's the best candidate, to the current state of the economy, to what the government's policy on sex should be. 

"With the upcoming presidential election being first and foremost on the mind of our country," noted Pink Visual Brand & Product Manager Kim Kysar, "we knew that it was a great opportunity for Pink Visual and Yappo to do something fresh, funny and maybe just a little bit irreverent."

And if there's one thing porn stars know, it's "irreverent."

For instance, who wouldn't be assured by the fact that if Amy Moore were having sex with 71-year-old John McCain and he had a heart attack, that she "knows CPR"?

Or Sammie Rhodes' response to Nikki Jayne's lack of interest in politics: "You will care one day when you own a property and you feel your life affected and thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money go out the door to pay for other people and stuff that is just unjust, you will care."

Or Kayden Moore's answer as to how to get along with other countries: "I would have sex with everyone."

And can you guess who Webmistress Katie B... thinks would be the hottest MILF/daughter pair-up? (We'd definitely pay to see that one!)

So far, the site appears to have a libertarian bent, with an article ragging on both the Democrat and Republican vice-presidential nominees - someone might want to remind them that ABC News has a slightly better track record on accuracy than - but the owners seem open to any legitimate political thoughts its readers want to share.

"We think Erection 2008 is an idea rife with potential to not only have fun but also to further brand exposure," said Yappo Product Manager Liam Collins, who extended an invitation for Yappo's partner studios to submit vids of even more porn stars speaking their political minds.

It's probably only a matter of minutes before mainstream sites and cable news programs begin pulling porn people's thoughts from this site for end-of-show fillers - but you can see them first at