Pink Visual to Toast ConSluts at Dragon*Con

ATLANTA — Adult megafans of ... well, dragons, we suppose, will have an opportunity to let their wild sides loose during this year's Dragon*Con at the Pink Visual Productions-sponsored ConSluts after party August 29.

Technically defined as "a person who attends several sci-fi/fantasy conventions a year," the ConSlut actually represents sort of a sub-sector of a sub-sector. The party, which will include such contests as banana eating, "Guess What's in My Pants" and sexiest dancer, is being thrown by the website that identified this particular demographic,

"Anyone who believes that fan conventions, especially those dealing with the science fiction genre, are little more than sexless, depressing vortexes swarming with four-eyed virgins and pimple-faced goofballs who carry multi-sided dice everywhere they go is sadly mistaken," explained rep Scott McGowan. "A crowd of geeks can be totally sexy, given the proper time and place to express themselves."

"You don't see this kind of collaboration very often, because sci-fi/fantasy conventions are open to the general public, and adult-themed content is often discouraged at the event itself," said Pink Visual marketing and PR coordinator Kate Sylvan. "The idea to have an adult-themed party during a sci-fi convention is brilliant, and we are flattered that Scott asked us to be a part of it. This is a unique opportunity to reach out to a known fan-base."

Pink Visual will be providing DVDs and trading cards as prizes at the party, to be held in a private suite at Atlanta's Hyatt Regency Hotel.

"We're particularly proud to have Pink Visual participating in this event, and it's our pleasure to expose our guests to their brand," said McGowan. "After all, that's what this party is all about - allowing our guests the opportunity to learn more about such products in a non-intimidating and fun environment."