Pink Visual to Octomom: Don't Do It!

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Pink Visual manager Kim Kysar is offering Nadya "Octomom" Suleman a year's supply of baby diapers to turn down a million-dollar indecent proposal from Vivid Entertainment head Steve Hirsch .

"At Pink Visual, we believe it is possible to be both a pornographer and a person with a conscience and a sense of social responsibility," Kysar writes in a letter sent to Suleman today. "It simply isn't in your interest, and more importantly in the best interest of your children, for you to become a porn star."  

Suleman gave birth to octuplets on Jan. 26 at Kaiser Permanente in Bell Flower, the result of an aggressive in vitro procedure. The 33-year old single mom is unemployed and on the brink of having her Whittier home foreclosed. She is also mother to six additional children ranging from ages 2-to-7.   

Hirsh has offered Suleman a million dollars and a year of health insurance if she agrees to perform in a movie for the studio's Vivid-Celeb label, home to the Kim Kardashian sex tape and Faithless, starring former Miss USA Kelli McCarty.

In her letter, Kysar warns Suleman about the "stigma attached to being a porn star" and assures her that the diapers Pink Visual will provide for her are "not bargain basement diapers" but those made of cloth.

To read Kysar's letter click here

Pink Visual produces the best-selling series Couples Seduce Teens, MILF Seeker, and Desperate MILFS and Housewives.

Should Kysar's letter be sent to all women -mothers and teens- interested in getting into porn? 

Should Octomom go for the million or take the diapers?

Will Pink Visual also pay for Octomom to employ a diaper cleaning service? 

Should adult studios stop using Octomom for PR stunts?

So many much apathy.