Pink Visual Seeks Spokesmodel

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Reality-porn company Pink Visual Productions is holding a contest to find its first official spokesmodel.

Open to pros and amateurs alike, the contest offers one or more entrants an opportunity to step into the limelight as the face of one of porn's fastest-growing brands.

Explained Pink Visual distributions operations manager Kim Kysar, "It's putting a fresh face on porn. We need our spokesmodel to embody Pink Visual and to relate to our audience ... men, women and couples. While it's wonderful to have performers on-site at events, it would also be really cool to have a spokesmodel who's a 'regular girl' — someone who is sexy and hip and promotes porn as a fun, cool and safe form of entertainment. So we're looking for someone who is comfortable with their sexuality and loves to talk shop, but is also very approachable and identifiable."

Why would a porn company want a non-porn performer as its facade to the public? "Being a spokesmodel is very different from being a performer," Kysar said. "Some people might be great at both, but I'm sure there are some girls out there who would be perfect spokesmodels that don't want to perform, and I don't want to exclude them."

Furthermore, Kysar said, "We shoot a lot of new performers who go on to shoot features with other companies. That makes it very difficult to have a performer promote Pink Visual exclusively. But this would be a perfect opportunity for a dancer, a model or a great on-air personality."

The contest is not necessarily restricting its outcome to only one winner — if there are two or three girls who fit the bill perfectly, Kysar said, they may all be chosen.

"We are going to keep our spokesmodel(s) very busy," Kysar said. "They will make public appearances, attend industry events, do on-air appearances for radio, web and podcast, grant interviews to magazines, and be featured on the Pink Visual MySpace page, as well as some modeling for promotional shoots. There will be a lot of travel involved, so we are looking for a true professional.”

The final winner(s) will be announced at the 2008 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January. To apply, go to or