Pink Visual Enters Hi-Def Video Market

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Pink Visual Productions enters the high-definition disc market in early April with the day-and-date release of Masters of Reality Porn on Blu-ray, HD DVD and standard def discs.

"We were going to release this only in HD, but then with the recent announcements and changes, we decided, 'Well, we might as well just go ahead and do it in Blu-ray, and see what our customers want,'" said Pink Visual distribution operations manager Kim Kysar. "Is it going to be SD? Do they even care about HD and Blu-ray? Or are they all going to snatch up the Blu-ray? Or both?"

Masters of Reality Porn, Kysar explained, is a collection of previously unreleased scenes from Pink Visual series Wife Switch, Orgy Sex Parties and Her First Lesbian Sex.

"We wanted to pick our best scenes across several of our series," Kysar said. "This is just a good example of PV content, and somebody that wants to grab it in a higher definition can grab it and get an excellent idea of the quality of our content."

In addition to this expansion into the HD realm, Pink Visual is seeking out new producers based on feedback from retailers, distributors and consumers.

"We're looking to hear from our retailers and our distributors on how we can better serve them and get them what they need to promote us, whether it's POS or in-stores or anything like that," said Kysar. "We're just always open to hearing from everybody involved in our products, whether it's consumers and fans, retailers or distributors. We're always open to feedback, working with new people, and improving relationships with people we're already working with."

Kim Kysar can be reached at (866) 360-PINK or [email protected].