Picking Apart Fox News' Column on 'Lovelace'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Since Fox News' Hollie McKay chose to disregard the comments this AVN editor supplied her with for the "Pop Tarts" column she published today on the film Lovelace—presumably because they didn't quite jibe with the clearly anti-porn sentiment she wanted to convey, or perhaps because she was butt-hurt over the reaming I gave her column last week on the movies of Axel Braun—I thought I'd go ahead and point out its many, many fallacies, one by one.

• Opening paragraph: "As Amanda Seyfried's highly-anticipated, highly-sexed flick Lovelace hits theaters today, many are reminded of its predecessor, a cultural phenomenon called Deep Throat." ---> The overall stench of hackery wafting off this sentence aside, one thing Deep Throat definitely is not is a predecessor to Lovelace. Its subject material, yes. Please look up "predecessor."

• Paragraph three: "And while the Deep Throat makers and managers made a fortune off Lovelace's fame, she barely saw a penny." ---> Deep Throat had managers? Who were they? And what kind of managing did they do, exactly? Oh, and by the way, Linda Lovelace's fame was directly and wholly due to her apperance in Deep Throat; nobody had heard of her beforehand.

• Paragraph six: "'Sadly, [adult] still attracts women who were victims of abuse,' one adult actress told FOX411's Pop Tarts column." ---> Regardless of the truth of this statement, why can't you identify the adult actress who said it? Or did you just make it up for oomph?

• Paragraph seven: "Less than two years ago, shocking clips were posted online of women, reportedly on a California porn set, screaming and crying as they were abused, raped and forced to do things they did not want to." ---> What clips are you referring to? Where were they posted? And by whom? And from what set? And who were the women in it? The vagueness of this assertion is outrageous.

• Paragraph eight: "An array of former actresses have also spoken out against the business in recent times, including ex-adult actress Shelley 'Roxy' who called it a 'destructive, drug infested, abusive and sexually diseased industry that causes severe negative secondary effects.'" ---> An array? What array? And do you mean Shelley "Roxy" LUBBEN? Did your Google search somehow fail to provide you her last name? Or the fact that she's a Jesus freak who appeared in a grand total of about 15 movies 20 years ago?

• Paragraph nine: "But according to adult industry leader and co-founder of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch, the industry has improved over time and now it's accepted by the general population." ---> What does porn being accepted by the general population have to do with the previous paragraph's denouncements? Your leap in counter-argument is asinine.

• Paragraph 15: "But just last year a report surfaced on XBIZ that a male performer was diagnosed with syphilis, doctored his results to show it as negative, and then continued to spread the disease for several weeks. The L.A. County's Public Health Department also launched an investigation following an outbreak after five performers were diagnosed with the veneral disease in just one week." ---> So that report "surfaced on XBIZ"? Are you absolutely sure of that? And could you explain to us what this "XBIZ" is, because we're not familiar with it. And you say this syphilis-infected performer "continued to spread the disease for several weeks." To whom? Because a year later, we have yet to hear any reports of that performer "spreading it" to anybody. Also, about that investigation by "the L.A. County's Public Health Department"—what week was it, exactly, when those five performers got diagnosed with syphilis? And did those cases have anything to do with the first one? We're going to need some clarification here.

I could go on, but the rest is such a scrambled mess, it's not worth the effort. You know, that thing a so-called "reporter" for an institution such as Fox News should demonstrate when performing their job.