Peter Reynolds to Launch Plaid Bag Media for Content Licensing

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Peter Reynolds, the veteran adult industry sales and marketing professional, will launch a new worldwide content licensing company called Plaid Bag Media on July 1.

Reynolds is currently completing his tenure as VP of sales and marketing for Adam & Eve, which has already signed on as his first Plaid Bag client. He believes that his years of building solid relationships and contacts all over the world have given him a strong foundation with which to start his first independent endeavor.

"I am excited about starting my own company and maximizing my potential with worldwide content licensing and much more," said Reynolds, who is in talks with several different companies about representing them.

Reynolds, who began working at Adam & Eve in July 2006 based out of their West Coast office, said his experience there was "very educational."

He has previously worked as VP of sales and marketing for VCA Pictures, where he was instrumental in the growth and promotion of Alt-porn. He has also held similar positions with Vivid Entertainment Group, Leisure Time, Caballero, and Zane Entertainment/Fantastic Pictures.

"I learn something at each and every venture," he said.

Reynolds noted that he plans to service the content licensing needs of his clients across every platform.

"The emerging delivery platforms other than DVD such as broadcast, mobile, VOD and IPTV, those are vital revenue sources and I'm tapping into all those new areas," he added. "I've had a lot of success with Adam & Eve for the past two years and that's why they are feeling strongly about hooking their wagon up to me moving forward."

Reynolds, who will operate Plaid Bag Media out of a new Burbank office, said the company name has special meaning to him. He recently celebrated his 27th wedding anniversary, recalling that during the early days of his partnership with his wife they carried all of their belongings in a plaid bag he bought at Walgreens.

"So there's some sentimental value to this name," Reynolds said. "When we were first together I had three jobs and worked seven days a week. One of the things that kept us going was humor. We laughed a lot and we are still laughing."

Reynolds can be contacted at [email protected] or Plaid Bag Media, Victory Media Center, 800 S. Victory, Ste. 103, Burbank, CA 91502. His phone numbers are: (818) 332-2275 (office), (866) 94-PLAID (947-8643) (U.S. -Toll Free). Fax him at (818) 841-1480.

Pictured: Kayden Kross and Peter Reynolds.