Peter Reynolds Leaves Leisure Time; Joins VCA Pictures

Peter Reynolds joins VCA Pictures on Feb. 23 where he will hold the position of Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for the company. He had been the sales manager of Executive Video, a company purchased by Leisure Time and he also sold Leisure Time product.

“I am leaving because of this great opportunity that has come up,” Reynolds told “That’s the key. It’s all about growth and moving forward and VCA for me is the right place at the right time. It will give me a great opportunity to use all of my skills.”

He had been with Leisure Time for three and a half years and before that, he was sales manager of Vivid Entertainment Group’s Raw imprint, a now-defunct gonzo production line.

“VCA has a great, great history and over the past couple of years, it became clear that the company needs new ideas and re-invention….We are going to be getting new talent, new editors. We will be bringing in new blood to work with the old and creating a bond,” Reynolds says of his upcoming plans. “I look forward to working with Jim Nitz [VCA’s General Manager] and I have known him for twenty years and it’s just an amazing, good thing to be doing.”

He also intends to have more promotions to bolster VCA’s brand name.

Reynolds has been in adult for nearly twenty years and worked for VCA as a salesman from 1984 to 1988.

“I was basically a kid then and selling to stores. To come back now in this position and at this time in the company history, it’s pretty cool,” Reynolds said with a smile.