Peter North Back to Shooting ... With Mrs. North

By any metric, Peter North is a porn icon. Whether you’re measuring financial success, career longevity, penis length or money-shot volume, the King of Pops ranks in the top echelon.

In the business since 1983, he still directs for his own NorthPole Productions, which is distributed by Juicy Entertainment. But since July of 2013 the Canadian-born porn star hasn’t been in front of the camera—and by his own account he had pretty much retired from performing. But that all changed this fall when he got a new partner.

A life partner, that is. Nadia North married the veteran adult star this summer—and now Peter is introducing his fans to his new wife in a DVD titled Faithfully Unfaithful: To Love, Honor and Share. The DVD will street on January 23, right after the AVN Show.

The project is Nadia’s first foray into adult. As Peter pointed out, “She dove in, and she dove in deep.” The box cover features the busty blonde with her new husband, surrounded by men reaching out to caress her curves.

Peter and Nadia talked with AVN about their relationship and decision to perform together.

“We’ve been together a year and a half or so,” Peter said, explaining that they met through mutual friends. “We started talking … and we actually were connecting very much on the phone. She lives in Ohio and I live in California, and we started visiting each other. And as of right now, I’m in Ohio.”

He paused, as if taking stock of how much his life has changed, then quickly added, “I still have my place in California, and we’ll probably going to be there next year. A lot of events and a lot of things happen on the East Coast—maybe even more than the West Coast.”

Living on a 120-acre farm with horse is a far cry from being in a gated community in Southern California. Nadia said, “Two different lives—it’s so much fun.”

“I like it because it’s diversity—it’s not the same,” Peter said. “And the biggest thing that bothers me about California is traffic. It’s brutal. I think people live in California mostly because of the weather. But I like cooler weather. … I’m from the east coast of Canada, so this weather doesn’t bother me at all.”

Nadia added, “We have so much in common, and we have other stuff that we do together. It just brings us closer. This is my best friend.”

Enumerating some common interests, Nadia said, “We both love to travel. We love cars. I love motorcycles and he loves cars. We love engines. I’m actually a huge tomboy.”

Another interest they share is an active and experimental sex life that they’re willing to share with others. “We were talking and I threw something out there and it turned her on, and the fact that it turned her on turned me on,” Peter said.

Asked whether she had dreamed of going into adult before she met Peter, Nadia said, “No. I just had a really exotic side to me and he brought it out even more.”

For his part, Peter said, “I didn’t expect to come back [in front of the camera]. I have a company, I have some investments; they’re doing pretty well. And I saved some money, too, like some people should have done.”

Nadia added, “It is a big deal that he’s come back. I actually had to kind of talk him into it.”

One person who's delighted to hear about his return is Danny Gorman, who distributes NorthPole's DVD releases. “I’ve been looking forward to Peter getting back in his movies for a long time. All my customers have been bugging me and driving me crazy about when he’s coming back. Well, the time has come,” Gorman said. “Thank you, Peter.”

At first, Nadia admitted, “I was a little nervous going there, but once we were there he made me comfortable. It was just a blast. We had such a good time.”

Peter and Nadia perform in all the scenes; sometimes he’s not having sex with her, but he is “holding her and kissing her,” he explained. “Different scenarios, but it’s natural. We kind of forget the camera is there.”

The DVD features three scenes, but there’s a lot of footage in each one. “There’s a scene where she’s with eight guys and me. And it’s done in kind of a classy way because we’re reaching out to the SLS [swing lifestyle] people. … The guys are well dressed, in suits, and it’s not just everybody jumping in,” Peter said.

The action is shot in 4K, and both husband and wife are dressed to impress. “All the years in the business I never wore my up-to-date, nicer clothes,” Peter said. “And this time I did.”

Peter asserted that Nadia “actually was the creative mind around a lot of the things that happened. We’re kind of living out our personal lives on camera now. So that’s why we want it to be shot naturally too. It definitely flows. She had a great time. She was amazing. We sometimes have a little fun in between scenes, and it’s always a positive atmosphere—keeping it happy.”

He added, “By the way, she came up with the title. She co-directed this movie and will probably be doing most of the directing in future volumes. She has creative ideas, and things that we’ve experienced and are experiencing in our personal life we can bring to life on camera. … Hotwifing is hot right now, and that kind of segues into what we’re doing anyway. But we’re real. It’s not just people taking on those characters.”

Aside from a stint as a runway model, Nadia is more accustomed to making her living as a real estate agent. But today she adds another bullet point to her résumé when she makes her debut as a feature dancer.

“I’m going to be performing at Diamond’s Men’s Club in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s actually this Friday and Saturday. I’ll be signing with my hubby,” she said.

Peter added, “She’s going to be featuring around the country—there’s already a big demand for her, which is good because she can actually dance. She can actually put on a show. I have never seen anybody dance better. We’re talking from samba to belly dancing to burlesque to hip-hop.”

The newlyweds have already reached out to Peter’s fan base, both on social media and also at Exxxotica New York, where they gave a seminar for couples.

"The event I’m doing this weekend, we have so many couples coming,” Nadia said. “It’s great. We already have a good fan base, a lot of couples writing things back. They really like the fact that we are together and in love and doing this.”

In fact, the Norths are mulling over a trip to Las Vegas this January. “I haven’t been to AVN in quite some time, and we want to go there. She’s getting a lot of buzz and I’m getting a lot of comments on my social media about her. I can’t say how good she was in the movie.

“And we already have ideas for the next volume—basically, Faithfully Unfaithful is the series title. … We’re going to take the camera with us when she features to catch anything that comes up while she’s on the road. It’s good to capture things that are behind the scenes.

“It could be in the dressing room,” he hinted.

Nadia North will appear December 2-3 at Diamond Men’s Club in 1628 Fall St., Cleveland, OH 44113. For more information, go to

Faithfully Unfaithful: To Love, Honor, & Share will be released January 23. To order this DVD and others in North’s extensive catalog, contact Danny Gorman at Juicy Entertainment. Email [email protected], call (800) 584-2960 or fax (818) 280-3704.