Performer Says Alleged Murderer Contacted Her Last Week About Modeling

During the latter part of last week Telana B., an occasional adult video performer and aspiring model, claims to have been contacted at her residence in Atlantic City by Anthony Joseph Frederick.

Frederick was arrested around midnight on Tuesday, charged with murder of Natel King, aka Taylor Sumer, an aspiring porn starlet who had been missing since February 29. Frederick is being held without bail.

Fredericks contact with Telana B. appears to have occurred after King’s death.

Telana B. was contacted by e-mail via an ad she placed for her services on One Model Place, an Internet site devoted mostly to mainstream model placement and contacts. Telena B. couldn’t remember the exact date that she was contacted, but she has only been a member of the site since March 17, 2004, so the initial contact could not have been made prior to that date.

Frederick is a registered member of

“He wanted me to do a photo shoot for him,” said Telana B. “He said he could get me a lot of work and that I would get my own complete portfolio. He thinks I am pretty. He wanted me to meet him at the Hampton Inn in Philadelphia.”

Frederick told the police that he had taken photos of King at the Hampton Inn, some of which included light bondage.

“I almost went to meet him. I looked in Mapquest and I think it was near the airport. He wanted to promote me in the adult industry,” Telana B. said. “I told him that I already have my foot in the door – why do I need you to promote me?”

She continued, “I had funny feelings about him ‘cause he was kinda weird and asked too many questions. We even talked on the phone. I told him that I had done - [A well-known male adult video star] once that and that got him really excited.

“He e-mailed me some pictures of people he had shot before and they were really good, professional pictures. The pictures looked too good to be true. I finally told him I wasn’t interested in doing pictures unless he paid me and that was the end of that. He seemed pretty legit,” Telana B. said.

A few of Telana B.’s past video credits include East Coast Sluts 10 and Filthy First Timers 7. She is known in her videos and modeling by names like Telana, Britany, and The Five Minute Girl.