Performer Info Posted on Online Discussion Forum

A list of adult performer’s personal information, including real names, social security numbers, and addresses was posted on online discussion forum on August 13.

The posts included photos of two actresses’ passports, along with one’s social security card and the other’s driver’s license. The list and photos have since been removed from the message board, although the photos were still online at an industry gossip site as of this morning.

On the message board, the poster, writing under the handle “Atomic Punk” claimed to work for a New York-based “porn company” as “the guy that takes the releases and puts the names of the performers in the online databases.”

“I have access to about everything there. I can stalk... errr call any of these porn stars if I wanted. I am still in a spin with all of the access I have. I have already figured out how to smuggle shit out on my first day there. Nobody there knows shit about computer technology and me showing up with a jump drive on my keychain goes unnoticed. I have figured out how to get into their computer administrative section where a lot of cool shit is. Bwhahahaha!!!!” he posted.

This post, along with the list of performers and the photos were edited as recently as this morning. All of the information is now gone. In place of the post that contained the list of performers personal information is the message, “that was funny.”

The post was edited last night at 9:26 p.m.

In total, the thread ran only 29 posts.

The forum, which has more than 470 members, caters to sports and entertainment discussion and was created in March 2005.