Penthouse Boutique Future Still Not Clear

The mayor’s not saying anything, but Horizon Media’s owner Daniel Quinn still is talking about the legal controversy surrounding the newly opened Penthouse Boutique.

Yesterday Quinn announced in a press conference that he stands by his contention that the adult store, the first to bare the Penthouse brand, does not meet the legal definition of an “adult-orientated business.” 

For his part, Mayor James Richetelli Jr., simply issued a written statement to the New Haven Register saying that he would make no other comments with regard to the adult retailer. “To do so would permit the owner of the establishment to succeed in his quest to use the media for free publicity and promotion of his business at the expense of the Milford community," his statement read. 

Under Milford ordinances governing adult businesses, such establishments are defined as having half of its inventory, displayed merchandise, stock in trade and/or floor area devoted to pornographic materials. The ordinance also stipulates that any business with that has more than 50 percent of its sales over any 90-day period from adult products qualifies as an adult business. 

An establishment that qualifies as an adult business must obtain a license from the city, a process that requires a criminal background check.  

Last Thursday, just hours before the planned grand opening, police informed Quinn that his business could not sell that night because the store failed to obtain an adult permit from the department. Police issued a $77 citation to a clerk Saturday for selling allegedly prohibited adult products. 

Quinn produced blueprints of his store that show that only 2,612 of the store’s 8,957 square feet are for adult products. He estimates that only 29 percent of the products in the store are adult. He was unable to give a dollar estimate of adult versus non-adult products, nor is he sure how he can control consumers purchasing at least 50 percent non-adult products. 

Quinn has removed all adult products from the store until his licensing issue is resolved.