Penny Flame Makes Debut as Director for Vivid-Ed

LOS ANGELES - AVN award-winning starlet Penny Flame is making her debut as a Vivid-Ed director with the latest installment in the popular Expert Guide series.

In her first educational movie, Flame demonstrates that sex isn't only about intercourse in Penny Flame's Expert Guide to Hand Jobs for Men and Women. The title, which ships this Thursday, was co-written and co-directed by Flame and sex expert/head of Vivid-Ed, Tristan Taormino.  It will be in stores by Sept. 25.

Taormino watched as Flame gave a handjob to a fellow performer on the set of Chemistry 4: The Orgy Edition that wowed everyone in the room.

"So the idea for Penny's first title came from a very organic place. She has amazing skills with her hands," Taormino said.

Flame added, "When people think of handjobs, they usually only think of men. But my guide is all about how to bring pleasure to both men and women with your hands."

The movie stars Flame, Harmony, Alexis Texas, Amber Rayne, Justice Young, Christian, Daniel and Anthony Rosano. 

Flame and Taormino worked closely with Vivid's head of post production, Kyle Caruso, and editor R. Rolande, to give the production a unique style.  Together, they came up with a hip, funny take-off on a late night infomercial which includes testimonials from fellow performers about Flame's expertise, commercials, and an animated Penny Flame Bobble Head which pops up during scenes to give tips and information. 

"It's simultaneously bold and irreverent yet accessible and informative, and it has Penny Flame's sense of humor and style written all over it!" Taormino said.

The movie was shot in High Definition and the DVD includes an exclusive safer sex mini-feature and previews.  The scenes can be viewed with or without instruction.

"Penny has such a loyal fan base, and the Vivid-Ed line has been doing so well for us.  Plus, there has never been an instructional which covers how to use your hands to please a man or a woman," said Vivid sales manager, David Peskin.  "Since we announced this title in the spring, retailers have been really excited about it."