Penis Length Survey Reports 5.57 Erect Inches on Average

LOS ANGELES—Grab your rulers and your dicks, men, another penis length survey has just been published, which means it is now time for you to once again check to see how you stack up. Chances are your dick is the same size it was the last time you checked, but who knows, maybe it did get a little bit bigger in the last ten minutes.

This latest penis size study was undertaken by Dr. Debby Herbenick, a sex researcher at Indiana University, sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute, columnist, and author of five books about sex and love.

“No, we did not personally measure men’s penises,” teased the doctor. “Rather, like many studies of penis size, we relied on men to report their penis size.”

Ah, the trust method. We know it well. “Most people are honest – including in sex research studies,” assured the doctor. “Also, men didn’t have any reason to lie to us. In fact, unlike most previous studies of self-reported penis size, they had good reason to report accurate data to us because we were using their size data to match them to a condom that was sized to fit their erect penis. If they reported a bigger-than-reality size to us, they would get a baggier condom. If they reported a smaller-than-reality size to us, the condom would be too tight.”

I don’t know, the doctor sounds a tad naïve. At any rate, the results are in. “We found an average erect length of 14.15 cm (5.57 inches) and an average erect circumference of 12.23 cm (4.8 inches) as can be seen in the abstract of the article on the Journal of Sexual Medicine’s website,” she reported. “Personally, however, I am more interested in the broad range of penile sizes than only the averages… men in our study had erect penis lengths of 4 to 26 (1.57 to 10.23 inches) centimeters and erect penis circumferences of 3 to 19 centimeters (1.18 to 7.48 inches).”

Her results also suggested that the method of attaining an erection may have had a hand in the length of an achieved erection, so to speak. “For example,” she wrote, “men who received oral sex as part of the measurement process reported a greater erect length and circumference than other men. Is that because oral sex is more arousing to men and thus they have larger erections than they do from other sexual behaviors (e.g., self-masturbation with hand or hand stimulation from a partner or fantasy only, etc) or is it is that men who have a larger erect penis are more likely to receive oral sex from a partner (or more regularly)? We cannot tell from these data.”

That last theory also sounds like a stretch to us, but maybe stretching is what this exercise in all about.