Paycom Launches European Union Division

After quietly revealing intentions to do so a few months ago, Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP), also known as Epoch Systems, has officially announced the expansion of its services to the European Union with the launch of

Founding partners Clay Andrews, president, and Joel Hall, manager and CTO, have brought Paycom's features to webmasters in the EU region and expanded their processing services in other countries.

“The services offered by the EU division of Paycom are nearly identical to those we have provided in the United States since 1996,” says Andrews. “We will continue to focus on our core competencies, maintain our direction and commitment to longevity, and continue with the policies we have in place to help insure that our clients are provided with the tools necessary to maintain and grow their businesses.”

“Paycom EU's technologies are very much the same as the systems for Paycom U.S.” says Hall. “We have built processes and an infrastructure in the U.S. that work extremely well and we continue to move forward with robust and flexible services. We are very pleased to be expanding our business to new areas”.

Paycom EU provides billing solutions for clients in the European Union by processing online transactions for customers across the globe. Internet businesses using Paycom EU can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover/Novus, ePassporte, JCB, Switch, Solo, and U.S. checks.