PayAsYouClick Releases Content Management Tool

Microbiller PayAsYouClick has released a free content management tool as a major component in the Traffic Network. Sites built with this tool are optimized for spending, with several options including pay by the click for pictures or videos, pay by the gallery or per hour for pictures and zip files, and videos charged on top of site/gallery price for a massive up-sell opportunity.

The content manager also generates free hosted and hybrid galleries.

Once content is uploaded, galleries are generated automatically using a template system. Updates to the site are featured automatically in the site list and emailed to previous customers to bring them back, earning extra revenue for both the site and traffic owners. Promotional galleries are made available to TGP owners.

“The release of the Content Manager is a major part of our strategy to provide a complete pay-as-you-click solution for webmasters of all types,” says founder Danny Watkins. “Putting equal value on both traffic and content, the Traffic Network brings a lucrative and yet sustainable content/traffic/payment model to the adult industry.”