Paulina James to Play Lindsay Lohan in SexZ Pictures Spoof

LOS ANGELES - SexZ Pictures contract girl Paulina James is set to star in a porn comedy based on the scandalous exploits of actress Lindsay Lohan. Entitled Lindsay HoHand: Get Out of My Fucking Way, the project is the brainchild of producers Jeff Mullen and Scott David of Britney Rears, J-Ho and Not the Bradys infamy.

"I really like what Jeff and Scott have been doing with their sex comedies," said SexZ Pictures CEO Bo Kenney. "They’re the right guys for the job and Paulina’s a rising star so I green-lighted this Lindsay HoHand project and put it on a fast track."

"I have a number of big projects in the works but this movie seemed like so much fun and with all of the trouble that Lindsay has been getting into lately, I jumped at the chance," James remarked.

An official synopsis of Lindsay LoHand reads as follows: "Movie actress and pop princess Lindsay HoHand is a sexy mess and can’t seem to stop getting into trouble. The gorgeous 20 year old loves to party and get fucked whenever she can and all of Hollywood knows she’s a fun date. Her sweet smile and innocent face hide the fact that she’s addicted to sex and will do anything to get a cock in her hands. Unable to stop giving handjobs even to the police that arrest her, the starlet always seems to end up spreading her legs and having sex which gets her into an endless sea of fun and dirty trouble."

SexZ Pictures plans to release Lindsay LoHand in October.