Paulina James Stars in SexZ's <i>CaliPornication</i>

HOLLYWOOD - Paulina James has begun shooting CaliPornication, her second movie since signing her exclusive contract with SexZ Pictures. Helmed by SexZ's contract director Eli Cross, the movie is loosely based on the popular HBO series “Californication.”

The movie also features James’ second-ever on-screen anal scene. “We shot Paulina's first anal for Perils of Paulina, which will be out in December,” explained SexZ Pictures CEO Bo Kenney. “For this show, we're upping the ante a little. Everybody knows Paulina's a sweet, sexy girl. We're slowly exposing the really dirty side of Paulina, which is what we're known for at SexZ.”

According to Cross, CaliPornication is a much lighter effort, plot-wise, than his recent sprawling features Corruption and Upload.

“Let's be very clear, this is a gonzo movie,” said Cross. “We're throwing in just a whisper of plot to tie the scenes together... essentially making fun of reality TV since people are going to be inundated with it once the Writer's Guild strikes. But the point of this movie is filthy sex, and getting another cock up Paulina's ass, period.”

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