Paulina James Shoots Debut Title as SexZ Contract Star

HOLLYWOOD - SexZ Pictures starlet Paulina James is shooting her contract debut in the Eli Cross directed The Perils of Paulina this week. The title is a loose gonzo take-off of the 1914 silent film, The Perils of Pauline, as well as the subsequent 1967 movie starring Pat Boone which showcased a woman's rise from innocence to full awakening.

"It's essentially a gonzo, with a very thin storyline but packed with really dirty sex," said Cross. The award winning director added that he was looking forward to working with James.

"This movie is all about Paulina James and her sexual awakening," added SexZ Pictures CEO Bo Kenney. "In fact, Eli is spending most of the time capturing Paulina in ways that the fans have never seen her before, including her very first on-camera anal sex experience."

"I've always thought about having anal sex on camera but the time was never right until now," James said. "I recently started to play around with anal sex in my personal life just to see what it was all about and I really liked it so this is going to be fun."

James will do the anal scene with trusted cocksman, Evan Stone.

"You know I started out as this young teen angel type of girl but I've been excited about doing some more adventurous sex movies," said James. "Now that I'm with SexZ, they're allowing me to spread my wings for a wider range of styles. I'm excited to work with Eli Cross because he's really quite deviant."

SexZ signed James to the exclusive contract in June. The company looks to have The Perils of Paulina in stores later this fall.