Paul Chaplin Makes Headlines in England

SURREY, England—Former Bluebird Films owner Paul Baxendale-Walker, aka Paul Chaplin, is making headlines overseas after losing the first round of his court battle with a former paramour.

Baxendale-Walker sold Bluebird Films last year before going to rehab for sex addiction, but that hasn't stopped him from retaining a harem of beautiful women the English press has dubbed his Hunny Bunny Club. Baxendale-Walker would spend lavishly on the girls, buying them mansions, cars and shoes, among other things—in return for sexual favors with no expectation of monogamy.

It's one of those Hunny Bunnys that's caused his recent legal woes. Former exotic dancer Natasha Eustace claims Baxendale-Walker bought her an apartment worth 300,000 pounds and a Range Rover at the end of their relationship, and now that she's left his harem, he wants to evict her.

When Baxendale-Walker asked Eustace to leave the apartment, she refused, saying it was a gift and that she owns it. A lawyer himself, Baxendale-Walker sued Eustace in an attempt to evict her. Eustace won the first round of legal volleying with the judge ruling there was enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial.

Baxendale-Walker told The Daily Mail that he viewed the case "as something of a joke."

"It’s quite clear the flat doesn’t belong to her," he said. "She hasn’t got a leg to stand on, legally. Although the judge believed her poor innocent girl act, the company is going to apply to have the judgment set aside because she created a complete fantasy. It won’t make it to court."

The Daily Mail's story details Baxendale-Walker's rise from being orphaned to becoming the British Hugh Hefner.

"I know there’s a feminist agenda when it comes to pornography, and people are entitled to their own views, but as far as I was concerned, it was all just good, harmless fun," he said.

Baxendale-Walker revealed that he kept around 52 girls in his Hunny Bunny Club, which Eustace joined in 2010, but he claims there was nothing special about their relationship that made it any different than any of the other girls.

"Obviously, I didn't have any actual relationships with any of the girls—it would have been impossible," the 49-year-old Baxendale-Walker said.

"The idea that she somehow thought I was in a faithful, monogamous relationship with her is insane.

"I did nice things for her—including paying for one of her relatives, who was being bullied, to move to a private school, and paying for treatment for her grandmother's cancer—but that's just what I do for the people around me.

"She couldn't follow the rules. She kept causing trouble with the other girls...She was always looking at the other girls' shoes and clothes and asking them if I'd bought them. So I relegated her."

Baxendale-Walker made quite a splash in the adult entertainment world when he owned Bluebird Films. The company made a number of big-budget productions (usually with Baxendale-Walker as the male lead) and won a number of AVN Awards. The company once boasted a large professional soundstage and a mansion in the hills in Encino, Calif.

"I don't regret anything about my old life—it was fun," he said. "But now I just want a bit of peace."