PasswordByPhone: Recurring Rate Reaches 15 Percent reports that approximately 15 percent of callers are repeat customers based on the IP logs of customers dialing into the service. This represents an increase of 5 percent in three months, the company says.

“The buy-now, pay-later element afforded by phone billing has assisted in the spontaneous purchasing and increase of traffic conversion,” says Marc Jarrett, PasswordByPhone’s business development manager. “We don’t hold any personal information about the callers, but since we have their IPs, we are able to research our growth rate and therefore the monetary growth and success of the companies that process with us.”

The company plans to elevate recurring rates by an additional 5 to 10 percent by the end of the second quarter.

Further analysis by the company revealed another interesting fact: “We are finding that a significant proportion of customers are purchasing the password from one computer, but consuming the product on another,” says Jarrett. “This leads us to conclude that people are purchasing their passwords at work, and enjoying the product when they get home in the evening. This affords great retention elements for us to expand on.”

PasswordByPhone works in 240 countries and utilizes geo-targeted calls to action in 36 languages.