PasswordByPhone Offers Geo-Targeting

The majority of the world’s population does not have a credit card, but everyone who has access to the Web has access to a phone. Enter PasswordByPhone’s geo-targeting solution.

Webmasters can now convert international surfers without a dialer into paying customers with, a geo-targeted billing tool with call-to-action in 36 languages.

When selling to the Arab nations, sell in Arabic, when selling to the Chinese, sell in Chinese, and so on.

PasswordByPhone is easily integrated into any pay site. Furthermore, the company also offers all webmasters and affiliate programs the opportunity to directly send their foreign traffic to 24 fully geo-targeted, consumer-focused niche websites such as Mega Sexxx World Big Boobs.

Simply sign up at PasswordByPhone, log in, go to ‘geo-targeted sites and banners,’ and choose the site.

PasswordByPhone can be easily disabled for the U.S. or other markets so as to not cannibalize credit card revenues.