PasswordbyPhone Expands to China

Geo-targeted voice payment processing solution PasswordbyPhone has announced an expansion into China.

The payment solution, which allows surfers to call a premium number to obtain a website password, is now translated in 35 languages.

With 100 million Internet users, second only to the U.S. in number, analysts have predicted that the number of Chinese online will surpass the number of Americans online by 2009.

“Chinese surfers will be pleasantly surprised to see a call-to-action in Chinese,” says Marc Jarrett, PasswordbyPhone’s business development manager. “They then call a number to receive the password needed in order to gain access to the members area for a limited time. We are the only company that allows webmasters to start making money from this massive new market.

Webmasters are paid on a per-password-sold basis, with payments ranging from 50 cents to $10, depending on the originating country, and are inclusive of all routing and factoring costs with no chargebacks, pending transactions or setup fees.

“By implementing our solution, webmasters can start making money from surfers who were visiting their sites anyway,” Jarrett says. “And since these surfers do not usually have any other way of paying you, phone billing is proving popular with both webmasters and surfers, since it is easy and anonymous for them to use—in short, an awesome recurring business.”