Password-By-Phone Processing Exit, Junk, and 404 Traffic

Alt-biller Password-By-Phone is asking for your exit, junk, and 404 traffic for their geo-targeted sites.

“We are not kidding when we say we can convert your Chinese traffic with a password that’s even offered in the Chinese language and then give them a site in Chinese,” says Marc Jarrett of Password-By-Phone.

An example can be viewed here.

Password-By-Phone’s geo-targeted solution features localized call to action in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Philippine, Swedish, Hebrew, German, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovakian, Japanese, Malaysian, Albanian, Indonesian, and English.

Thanks to interconnect agreements with several telcos, Password-By-Phone can monetize traffic from 240 countries.