Password-by-Phone Helping Affiliates Go Global

Money talks in every language, and with that in mind alternative processor is offering all affiliate programs international versions of their websites with calls to action in 35 languages.

“This is a must-have for the marketing tools section of any affiliate program,” says Password-by-Phone’s business development manager Marc Jarrett. “Affiliates will be delighted to be given the opportunity to make money on a global scale. Given the open, global architecture of the Internet, they deserve no less.”

To this end, the company invites pay site owners to send them artwork based on this template.

“We upload and host and send pay sites paying customers only,” says Jarrett. “This way, not only can pay sites and their affiliates have international versions of their websites at zero cost, but the revenue-generating potential of such sites is significant. Affiliates can even start to make money made in China.”

Password-by-Phone’s award-winning, geo-targeted solution features localized calls to action in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Philippine, Swedish, Hebrew, German, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovakian, Japanese, Malaysian, Albanian, Indonesian, and English.

Thanks to the company’s interconnect agreements with several telcos, Password-by-Phone can monetize traffic from 240 countries.

“The phone companies are reliable but slow payers,” says Jarrett, “which is why we factor payment and pay our partners long before we get paid – every two weeks by wire, check, or ePassporte – all with no chargebacks or pending transactions.”

Password-by-Phone has been involved in the pay-per-call industry since 1994.