Password by Phone Goes NATS

Alternative billing company Password by Phone now is integrated with back-end affiliate software program NATS 2.1.

Password by Phone employs geo-targeted technology that has been translated into 35 languages inviting surfers to call a premium number in order to obtain a password needed to gain access to websites for a limited time.

“Surfers will be pleasantly surprised to see a call-to-action to pay in their own native language,” says business development manager, Marc Jarrett. “The vast majority of the world does not have a credit card. However, by definition, everyone surfing the Net has access to a phone.”

The company’s founders have been involved in the pay-per-call industry since the early 1990s and during that time have paid their partners in excess of $250 million. The company’s interconnect agreements with more than 30 telephone companies means partners are able to bill from practically every country.