Parents in Adult Adds First Psychologist

Psychologist and professor John C. Pappas, Ph.D. has signed on to help support Parents in Adult.

Pappas will provide his expertise to the organization by answering members’ questions through an “Ask the Doctor” online feature, submitting the latest research regarding child development and well-being, and providing bimonthly articles on parenting topics through a “Psychology Spotlight” feature.

“This is exciting news for the organization,” says Parents in Adult president Chris Potoski. “Dr. Pappas brings years of private practice expertise and academic experience to PIA. His interest in the organization and our conversations further solidified our conviction that we are doing the right thing.

“There are numerous, broad psychological implications for parents in the industry, ranging from ‘At what age should we start potty training?’ to ‘How do we heal the damaged relationships in our family/community?’” Potoski continues. “The addition of Dr Pappas is terrific news for our parents and lends further credibility to our mission.”

The mission of Parents in Adult is to serve parents who work in the adult industry with a goal of developing a community of excellence where solutions to the issues facing parents who work in the industry can be found.