Paradise Visuals Returns with <i>The Make Up</i>

LAS VEGAS - Paradise Visuals is gearing up to release The Make Up, the studio's first new title in over fifteen years.

"Sixty percent of the things in this movie are autobiographical,” said writer/director Spencer Benedict, who also plays the non-sex lead in the X-rated comedy. “While I didn‘t live the exact story, much of the dialog and situations are composites of things I’ve been through. It’s a story about a couple who are having relationship problems, and on the night I propose to my girlfriend she tells me that she wants to break up.”

On the advice of his father (Bill Margold), Spencer’s character takes his girlfriend to a resort for "troubled couples" that turns out to be a swinger's retreat. Naturally, madcap sex antics ensue.

“We set out to make a comedy right from the start," said Benedict. "While I think it’s ambitious for porn studios to make dramas, I’m not sure how serious they are taken. When I worked for Troma, they would set out to shoot a serious scene, but when they looked back at it in post they would realize that it didn’t work and dub in farting noises to make it funny.”

The Make Up features the final XXX performance of Felix Vicious, who co-stars with Sunny Lane, Hailey Young, Leah Luv and Kimberly Kane. Kelly Nichols turns in a non-sex performance as Benedict's mom.

During its '80s heyday, Paradise Visuals released several productions featuring the underage Traci Lords, including Night of Loving Dangerously and Traci in Heaven. Benedict's partner Cecil Watkins bought the label from its original owner, and the two officially resurrected the label last year.

"My partner had worked for the original owner of Paradise Visuals for many years and was given the rights some time back," Benedict explained. "The problem was that my partner never did anything with the movies. So I agreed to do all the work and be a partner in the company."

Since reviving the label, Benedict and Watkins have reissued the John Holmes film The Devil in Mr. Holmes and hired Christy Canyon to direct a hardcore parody of Paris Hilton. Benedict shot The Makeup in August 2006, and he's now looking to produce a new movie called Screwge in late November with Randy West in the title role.

Benedict also told AVN he's acquired the rights to John Wayne Bobbit: Uncut and its rarely seen sequel Frankenpenis. Paradise will release the two movies as a collector's DVD package in January, with a 'where are they now?' bonus interview. Also coming in 2008 is a reissue of the Ginger Lynn classic On Golden Blonde.

“Fans of our old movies won’t be disappointed," said Benedict of his new movie. "You still get a plot, but with modern technology and talent.”

The Make Up will be available on DVD Sept. 25.