Paradise Visuals Releasing Bobbitt's Blood Pressure Video

LAS VEGAS - Paradise Visuals has decided to release video of John Wayne Bobbitt - star of the company's John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut and Frankenpenis - taking his blood pressure shortly after officials scratched him from a much-promoted bout.

Bobbitt was scheduled to duke it out in three one-minutes rounds with comedian Rev. Bob Levy, from "The Howard Stern Show," in Broomall, Pa., on Saturday, Nov. 15. But minutes before the fight, the promoter removed Bobbitt from the card, claiming Bobbitt had high blood pressure. He was replaced with another fighter. Stern commented on his radio show that the fights looked fixed, and resembled a WWE Wrestling match more than a boxing match.

After the decision, Bobbitt addressed the crowd - who booed after it was announced he wouldn't be fighting - and then traveled to a nearby pharmacy. While there, he had his blood pressure taken again, filming the process on his cell phone camera. Bobbitt sent the video to Jason Green, co-owner of Paradise Visuals, who has made the decision to release the video on the company's website and MySpace page.

Green said in a statement that Bobbitt's test results were 133/88, which is slightly above normal, but within most boxing regulations.

The video can be seen at or

John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut Special Edition DVD is now available, and is distributed by Anabolic. Bobbitt will appear at Paradise Visuals' booth during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Jan. 8-11, at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, where he will test his blood pressure hourly.