Pamela Sandersin Debuts in Berlin

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Pamela Sandersin, the fledgling Hungarian porn star and celebrity lookalike, debuted her dance act at last month’s Venus Show in Berlin, scoring something of a sensation, according to Angelique of Angel Pictures, which produces her movies.

Sandersin, who bears a startling resemblance to U. S. superstar Pamela Anderson, gave two performances at the Berlin show, which was heavily attended by European distributors and retailers.

Sandersin spent most of her time at the Angel Pictures booth where she and Angelique were promoting her third movie, PS I Love You: Pamela’s Secret.

“Since Pamela’s fairly new, we wanted to make sure people knew who she was, and the best way to do that was to perform shows in Berlin,” Angelique said.

Both performances were on the big stage in the main hall. The first, on Friday, was preceded by a German rap act that, Angelique felt, drove half the audience away. “But when Pamela went up on stage, they started coming back. We brought back the crowds.”

The following day Angelique made sure Pamela went on before the rappers, “and that place was jam packed, from the entrance all the way in to the stage,” she said. The reaction of the crowd, estimated at 1500 strong, was overwhelmingly positive.

“From seeing the reactions from people in Berlin, I’m seeing that my initial concept, which I developed with my partner [producer] Roland Dante, is actually coming to fruition,” Angelique said. “It told me I am definitely on the right track.”

Much of Sandersin’s appeal is frankly to the millions of fans of the star whom she resembles. The lookalike gives them the chance to see things the star herself would never do on screen. “All of a sudden it’s your fantasy becoming a reality,” Angelique said.

The next stage for Sandersin’s dancing talents may be a tour of the United Kingdom, said Angelique, who is scouting new locations in Europe for the fourth installment in the Pamela series.

PS I Love You: Pamela’s Secret, shot in Paris and co-starring Sean Michaels, is awaiting a release date from its domestic distributor, Sin City. Angelique hopes it will come out at the AVN Expo in January. Sandersin’s first two movies, The Pamela Principle and Hot Dam: Pamela Principle 2, are now in stores.

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