Paging Fred Lincoln: 'Defiance' Screens Saturday at New Beverly Cinema

LOS ANGELES - The New Beverly Cinema wants Fred Lincoln to introduce a screening of the classic X-rated film The Defiance of Good this Saturday at midnight.

"We need Fred, but can't find his number," festival organizer Brian Quinn told AVN. "We really want him to be there to talk about the movie and enjoy the rare 35mm print."

Defiance stars Jean Jennings as a teen whose parents send her to a dingy hospital after they catch her snorting coke. There, she is brutally gang-raped by mental patients before falling into the clutches of Lincoln, "the groovy doctor". Under the dominant guidance of Dr. Groovy, Jennings is initiated into total depravity.

When the film opened in adult theaters in the '70s, producers put up a gigantic billboard with Lincoln's face on it. Today, it's available on home video from VCX. "stealth editor" Balso Snell proudly calls Defiance his favorite X-rated film of all time.

"There's no way I'll miss this screening," Snell said. "The musical score, the 'World's Greatest Poet' scene in the nut ward, and Fred's performance make this movie an absolute fucking classic. If anybody wants to party, I'll be the guy shooting dope in the back row and failing to achieve an erection."

Defiance will screen on a double-bill with another surprise vintage Armand Weston flick. The New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.

If Fred Lincoln is reading this, he can e-mail [email protected] or call the AVN offices and ask for David Sullivan.