Package From Thailand Leads to Piracy Bust In Florida

A box of counterfeit DVDs intercepted in Alaska by customs led to the discovery of a Florida resident whose home was littered with invoices, order forms and DVDs with an estimated retail value of $100,000. 

The box that the U.S. Customs office in Anchorage, Alaska, intercepted was originally from Thailand and contained 510 counterfeit DVDs. Customs officials then called authorities in the city the box was supposed to be delivered to – Boca Raton. 

Yesterday an undercover sheriff’s deputy delivered the package to the intended recipient – Elliot Sinofsky, a 55-year-old man who had been earning his living selling pirated DVDs on eBay. The box of 510 discs – which allegedly Sinofsky paid only $196 dollars for – is thought to have a retail value of  $10,000. 

“In an upstairs bedroom, we found 3,000 to 4,000 counterfeit DVD movies,” Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Detective Ronald Tomassi told the Boca Raton News

“This is just one guy – with one box,” said Tomassi. “It happens all over the world.” 

According to Tomassi, Sinofsky was allegedly selling both mainstream blockbusters and adult DVDs. 

Besides the DVDs, packaging equipment, shrink wrap, labels and jewel cases were found in Sinofsky’s home. 

The lead detective said that Sinofsky confessed to conducting the piracy operation, claiming he had suffered leg injuries in a car accident several years ago and said he was unable to get a job. 

Sinofsky faces two felony counts – possession of counterfeit DVDs and possession of counterfeit labels for the movies.