Otto Bauer, Audrey Hollander Sign With Daring Media

LAS VEGAS — Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander have signed an exclusive deal to shoot for European studio Daring Media Group, Bauer told AVN Thursday.

“I’ll be the U.S. director and producer for Daring,” Bauer said. “We will be putting out two features per month. Audrey Hollander will be a contract superstar for Daring Media; she’ll perform in the features that we’re putting out through them.”

The deal with Daring is a departure for Bauer and Hollander in that the gonzo couple will be shooting features.

“We’re doing only features,” Bauer stated. “I’m super excited to be in a position to do two features a month, as opposed to only doing features sporadically. The first will be a western. We’re pretty excited to do something crazy like shoot a western in the San Fernando Valley. For me, it’s liberating to be able to think about projects in a deeper sense than only the sex scene end of it.”

Bauer continued: “What we’re going to do is we’re going to bring a little bit more story to the sex than we might have in the past. We’ll maintain high production values, like we always have through our career with Ninn Worx and Mach 2. But one thing I can guarantee is hardcore sex. I want to keep the dialogue really simple, but keep the sex action way over the top.”

The deal was struck as a result of Daring’s initiative to establish an American presence, said the company’s new production manager and art director, Ian Graves.

“At this time, we want to start getting more American involvement,” Graves said. “That includes having productions shot over here with American directors using American talent, but also American directors coming to Europe, shooting with European talent [and] European directors coming here and shooting with American talent. We’ve dragged [Bauer] in because he’s got quite a good record. He’s very professional, he knows what he’s doing.”

Bauer said he feels the partnership is a good fit because “in a lot of ways, I’m stronger in the European market than I am in the States. Audrey and I have always nursed the foreign market … the European audience has an affinity for our style. We’ve always been Americans who shoot with a European sensibility — I don’t think that’s any news to anyone who knows Audrey and I. And so it’s a very comfortable marriage for us to be the American cog of a European wheel.”

Bauer plans to begin production on hisXXX western for Daring at the beginning of February. For more information, go to, or visit Daring at booth 6034 in Hall A of the Sands Expo Center during the remainder of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.