Opening Night AEE Party Draws Industry Heavies

LAS VEGAS – In Vegas—or anywhere—if class needs to be emphasized, it’s best to do it in one word that says nothing about where one is really at: Koi, Maison, Toast…you get the idea. Last night’s Opening Night Industry Party was nothing but class, and, appropriately, was held at Rain, a swank night club located in the equally classy Palms Resort.

Sponsored by New Sensations, Wicked Pictures, Zero Tolerance, Pink Visual, and others, the event was, by all measures, a success. Spotted in the VIP area were heavy hitters like Wicked Pictures’ CEO Steve Orenstein, Wicked contract director/performer Brad Armstrong, Wicked contract starlet jessica drake (who deserve special mention for getting the press past the security and into the inner sanctum with no muss and no fuss), Zero Tolerance’s Greg Alves, starlet Alektra Blue, and an ever-evolving sea of big-time industry faces.

The drinks flowed and the music pumped well into the wee, wee hours. On the main floor of the club, the rabble had to be content with looking skyward to see where the real action was taking place.

From that vantage point, it was easy to imagine the ghost of Jim Morrison coalescing out of the haze of cigarette smoke hanging over the dance floor, and surveying the hedonistic spawn of the hippie generation gyrating to the soulless music of its era and delivering a solemn incantation: “This is land where the faux-hawk died.” Sadly, no, Jimbo. But a groovy time was had by all.