Open Casting Call for SexZ’s <i>Upload</i> Set for April 20

Director Eli Cross has scheduled Friday, April 20, for an open casting call for Upload, his new big-budget feature for SexZ Pictures.

SexZ's Corruption, written and directed by Cross, won seven AVN awards (including Best Director), three XRCO awards, and has already recouped its costs.

Upload will have a shooting schedule of 20 days, twice as long as Corruption, with a budget of a quarter-million dollars. It's scheduled to go before the cameras in late May and be released in September.

Cross told that he wanted to warn talent that, as with Corruption, "this is not an easy project. It's not going to be like doing any porn feature they ever worked on. It's long days, it's hard work, it's serious work. We shoot like a [mainstream] movie, we shoot a lot of coverage, we shoot things over and over again.

"There are people who want to show up, fuck and go home, and that's fine. If that's what you want to do, great. Save us both some trouble and don't come in and read for me—because god forbid you're really good, and then I want to use you, and you get annoyed because you're there more than three hours."

For information on available roles and to schedule an audition, talent should e-mail Cross at [email protected].