Open Call For L.A.'s Sexiest Competition With $20,000 In Cash Prizes

There's $20,000 up for grabs this weekend for the sexiest compition in Venice Beach. The organizers of the first ever L.A.'s Sexiest contest have announced an open call, particularly inviting members of the adult entertainment community, to compete in the contest held on June 7 at Venice Beach.

Winners of the Venice Beach round will move on to the finals, where they will compete in front of celebrity judges, including Heidi Fleiss and 98.7 deejay Lara Scott, to win the title.

"L.A.'s Sexiest is an unprecedented event and bound to be the most exciting and sexiest contest southern California has ever seen," stated Chad Beecher, VP, Marketing & Operations for Erotica Los Angeles. "L.A.'s Sexiest has generated tremendous interest and a huge media buzz with most local television and radio networks, as well as various press in position to cover this weekend's semi-finals in Venice Beach."

Besides the couples contest, which offers a $10,000 grand prize, men and women can compete in solo competitions for a $5,000 grand prize. Competitors in the couples contest cannot compete individually in the solo competitions.

In addition to the cash prize, grand prizewinners in each category will win a commemorative trophy, and the title "L.A.'s Sexiest" for their respective category. There will be a variety of valuable prizes for runner-ups.

Nudity is not allowed during the competition. Participants may wear any type of swimwear they wish.

Food and beverages will be provided for all participants.

You must be on time to register for the event and to be able to sign all required paperwork. ID must be shown at the time of registration.

Interested parties may enter the competition by registering at the event. Check in time for the solo male competition is 10:30AM. Check in time for women is 11:30AM. Registrants for the couples contest must check in by 12:30PM.

A brand new addition to this year's show, L.A.'s Sexiest Contest is a fun spirited, entertaining competition to discover the sexiest woman, man and couple in the area.

L.A.'s Sexiest will be announced live, on stage at Erotica L.A. on Saturday, June 21, 2003. For more information, click here.

[Ed. note: The event will be held on Venice Beach. Take the 405 Freeway from either direction to Venice Boulevard. Exist West (towards beach) to Pacific Avenue and go Right (North). Go left on Windward and you will see the event stage. Parking is available near the beach. Daily rates ranges from $3 to $10]