On the Set with ArchAngel: Booty Queen Kendra Lust's First D.P.

Pictured above: Kendra Lust and MimeFreak on the set of The Booty Queen 3 (ArchAngel/Girlfriends).

For those who were living under a rock for the past few months (to avoid all the rain, of course!), Kendra Lust has been selected as Archangel Productions' "Booty Queen" for the coming year, succeeding AJ Applegate and, before her, Jada Stevens, all of whom definitely sport prize-winning booties—and both of whom also will appear in The Booty Queen 3, coming on March 24 from ArchAngel.

"We like to have the fans request who they think should be the next Booty Queen," director MimeFreak explained, "and we had a vote on Twitter and Kendra Lust won, and it so happened, at the same time, she signed with us for a year, so she's going to be exclusive to ArchAngel. So this is pretty much her first scenes under her exclusive contract, and plus the Booty Queen contract."

But as mouthwatering as it is to contemplate three big-booty babes getting it on together, the scene AVN was allowed to witness was more than likely as hot: Kendra's very first on-camera double penetration with her hand-picked studs, Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue and rising Russian emigré Markus Dupree.

And the good news, for members of ArchAngel's paysite, is that Lust's first d.p. will be live on ArchAngelVideo.com this Friday—lucky St. Patrick's Day. 

"I've worked with these gentlemen before," Kendra said. "I chose them for this scene, and MimeFreak is kind enough, as well as Gabriel Guzman, the owner of ArchAngel, they have given me a lot of creative control with my movies, but you know, I really love the creativity that MimeFreak has, his vision. He really is a lot of fun, and obviously he's a man so he thinks like a man, and it's fun, it's sexy, and it sells, so I think we're a great trio, the three of us, working together, so I'm excited."

We felt we had to ask Kendra how she felt about winning both MILF Performer of the Year and Hottest MILF at the AVN Awards, and she was only too happy to gush about it.

"Ohmigod! Honestly, last year when I'd won, I thought, 'Bucket list complete!'" she said. "That's all I really wanted in my career was to win one AVN Award; that's like the Golden Globes: You win that and you're great. So I had no expectation; I figured, 'Okay, you want variety,' and then when they said my name, I was like, 'No way!' I didn't believe it. So wow, back to back; that's so outside! I never thought this little nurse from Michigan whom no one thought to shoot would ever win an award, so it's really cool."

So, on to new horizons ... like her first d.p. Any thoughts?

"Well, you know, in my personal life, I've talked about it with a guy I see regularly, and he's always thought it was really hot," she responded, "but I've always been really too shy to do it, so he's like, 'This is your opportunity; just enjoy it, love it and tell me all about it.' So I'm nervous but excited and I'm ready to cum."

The action takes place in a relatively bare room on a white leather couch set against a draped wall. The guys jump right into the action, with Markus tasting Kendra's butthole as she chows down on Mick's ample cock. Once the guys have finished undressing, Mick gets Kendra in spoon position on the couch while she pleasures Markus orally, but before long, he's taking her from behind while Mick gets his rod massaged by Kendra's massive tits, then again by her mouth.

Things get a bit acrobatic as Markus lies back so she's riding him in reverse, her mouth still glued to Mick's cock. The guys exchange positions, but Kendra clearly can't wait to get both of her holes filled—and that happens quickly, with Markus the first to plumb her nether region, again in reverse cowgirl, with Mick entering her pussy to complete the double penetration.

Now that she's felt both cocks inside, Kendra once again takes control, pleasuring Mick doggie style, and later in spoon again, while she sucks Markus off. Soon, Mick's plunging her ass, but Kendra's mouth remains filled. She straddles Mick cowgirl style, but in a few moments, Markus is entering her ass again, and the Lust-y lady is loving it! Flipping over so Markus is on the bottom, the guys again fill both her holes, with Kendra's mouth agape as if waiting for yet another fuck-rod.

But the guys have a surprise in store for the busty, award-winning performer: Standing up and positioning her between them, the guys lift Kendra and gently ease themselves into her holes once again until she's hanging on for dear life while bouncing on both cocks at once—and she even manages to turn and plant a big kiss on Markus's lips. After yet more cowgirl, spoon and standing DP action, the clearly exhausted guys spew their cum, one on her ass and one in her mouth.

"Wow! I really did that!" Kendra exclaimed in the post-scene interview. "They are amazing. It was hot. It was sexy to see my holes filled up, but I'm still in disbelief about what was happening. In my mind, I was like, 'Can I do this?' Like, 'Ohmigod, does it feel good for them? Am I clutching their dicks too tight?' I want to do it again!"

According to MimeFreak, those who buy Booty Queen 3 will also be treated to a Kendra threeway with Riley Reid and Ramon Nomar.

And as for the future?

“Whoever we crown as the Booty Queen, we give them about 15 scenes that year. So if you want Kendra Lust for the next year, you've got to come to ArchAngelVideo.com—or they can also go to LustArmyVideo.com, because she has her own production company and she can work for that,” MimeFreak said.

"We're going to be doing a lot of stuff with Kendra Lust,” he added. “I'm thinking of another showcase we can do for her later in the year, and we might be collabing on some things, so you gotta stay tuned. We're in the ArchAngel caves right now, cooking up some shit!"

Join ArchAngel’s official site, ArchangelVideo.com, and see not only Kendra’s first ever d.p. but all of her other scenes.

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