On the Set: Wicked's 'Last Call'

"My character's name is Terry," says Kaylani Lei, the female star of Last Call, Francois Clousot's latest for Wicked Pictures. She's puffing on a cigarette and standing on the sidewalk just outside of the downtown studio's entrance. It's an industrial part of town, just south of where the gentrified Artists District ends. "Terry is part of a group that mind-fucks Brad Armstrong's character, Scott. It's twisted."

Late afternoon traffic whizzes by unaware that between the sidewalk and the studio inside, there's a packed house of Wicked Pictures talent. In addition to Clousot, Michael Raven is working camera. Brad Armstrong plays the male lead. Randy Spears plays a supporting male role. And two of Wicked's brightest new contract stars, Mikayla and Alektra Blue, play supporting roles.

"The more Wicked girls on set, the more exciting it is," Lei adds. "It's like a big family when we're all together. We're all friends. And everyone's hot!"

Clousot describes Last Call as inspired by mainstream Hollywood movies After Hours and The Game. "It's about an average guy who ends up being the pawn of rich people," says Clousot. "They throw him into situations to see what he'll do. Everything is twisted just enough to make it weird."

Co-written by Clousot and former porn star Melissa Monet (who has collaborated with Clousot on his last three scripts), Last Call isn't the standard formula-driven sex story. "The sex and the story are intertwined," says the director. "It's not just story/sex/story/sex/story/sex. This is a dark and edgy picture."

In Last Call, Armstrong's so-called best friend (played by Spears) owes money to a group of rich people. But instead of paying them off, Spears hands over Armstrong who is unknowingly thrust into a nightlong Kafka-esque, sex-filled adventure that begins with a nightclub seduction by Kaylani Lei.

"It's all a game and I play the aggressor," notes Lei. "After sex, Brad takes a shower and I leave with all of his stuff - his car keys, his wallet." His clothes, too? "No not his clothes, thank god, or else we'd have to shoot him running through the streets naked. That would be pretty funny shooting that downtown."

Lei's character, though, is nothing like the real person. "I don't like playing games with people," she says. "I do, however, like playing this character. I like the contrast from the beginning where I'm flirty at the bar, to the end when my character gets more sultry and evil."

Later in the evening, Lei will be performing in a scene with Spears, in a dimly lit room with candles and a group of hooded spectators. Armstrong's search for Lei will lead him to this room where, after he finds Lei in action, Mikayla and Alektra Blue work their way into his pants.
But this afternoon, Armstrong's journey takes him to a warehouse where he finds Tanya James and Bridgette B., two lanky blonde dolls, dressed down in nothing but bras, panties and stripper high heels. When Armstrong finds them, the girls step into an old freight elevator and close the wooden slatted doors behind them so Armstrong can see, but he can't touch.

"She's mine," James says as the girls begin petting each other. Armstrong grabs one of the wooden slats and the James slaps his hand away. "Uh-uh," James emphatically says.

Clousot calls "cut" and the lighting crew starts re-setting the lights to shoot the hardcore inside the elevator. The girls head towards the fan to cool down. They lean forward, still wearing just their skivvies, as the air blows through their blonde manes.

Jax is shooting behind-the-scenes and starts getting some artsy shots of them as they cool down. The conversation soon turns to poking fun at generic behind-the-scenes footage, mocking questions like, "how long have you been in the business" and "turn around and shake your ass."

Then, to make things a bit more interesting apparently, Bridgette B. mentions that she can salsa dance. Armstrong immediately takes an interest.
"That's good to know for future projects," he tells her.

"I've trained for four years," she adds, "and I've taught classes for eight months."

Moments later, Bridgette is shaking her hips, doing salsa two-steps and strutting her stuff like a professional dancer.

"Can you do the Brazilian shake?" someone asks.

"Like Shakira?" she replies before turning around and shaking her ass like...well...like Shakira. Though one would be hard pressed to find any footage of Shakira shaking her ass in thong panties.

Bridgette then turns around, grabs Armstrong's hand, pulls him in and gives him a crash course in salsa. Within moments the two are cutting the concrete.

Shooting soon resumes and the girls return to the elevator, teasing Armstrong as they get naked and go hardcore on each other. They open the wooden gate and let him in the elevator, but they still don't let him touch.

"She tastes really good," Bridgette says. The girls use their tongues and fingers on each other through a number of positions and in the end they walk away, gloating.

"Ciao," one of them says as they leave Armstrong alone in the elevator. The wooden gate closes and the elevator begins descending into to the unknown depths below, carrying Armstrong down with it as he yells out one final statement before he completely fades away:


Last Call is slated for spring 2009 release.