On The Set: Wicked Pictures' 2040

GREATER LOS ANGELES — It's the year 2040. On September 8, there will be a major planetary alignment, and on Nov. 4, two days before the U.S. elects its 64th president, there'll be a partial solar eclipse, visible to many of the planet's 9 billion people – but before all that, there'll be the 55th annual AVN Awards!

So why are there only four tables in the room?

"Because of disease and all that kind of stuff, a lot of the human performers have dropped off the porn map," explained director Brad Armstrong, who's helming what may be Wicked Pictures' biggest movie of 2009, 2040. "Not in the dying fashion, but porn has evolved into an industry where the robots have taken over, and like so many things in the real world where robots have replaced humans, the human porn stars have all but been replaced by droids."

"Basically, we're taking a glimpse into the future of where porn's gone," he continued, "and we're tying it into the sci-fi world with androids and anibots and all that. Here, we have a new prototype anibot who's taken the business by storm; she's becoming a superstar. But it's a picture very much in the theme of Bicentennial Man and A.I. and all those movies, where our anibot is on a quest to become a real woman."

Of course, some might think that Alektra Blue, who plays the enigmatic animatronic porn star, already is a real woman – but if they didn't, one look at how she handles herself during 2040's big orgy scene should erase any doubts.

The scene takes place during a pre-show party for the AVN Awards, and was shot in a classic ornate theater in downtown Los Angeles with a grand staircase, gold-trimmed balconies, high ceilings and crystal chandeliers. The Master of Ceremonies, James Bartholet, stands midway up the staircase and welcomes all the guests to the party, and as the band Kill Slowly plays some decent rock tunes (which band leader Sara, who's also a makeup artist in the industry, wrote herself), the party evolves into a 14-person orgy that includes five Wicked contract girls.

First, Kirsten Price, who plays Alektra's co-creator, introduces her to Randy Spears, who's playing his own son, "Ryan Spears," one of the few humans still left in XXX acting, and who's got a "thing" for android sex. So when Alektra asks, "Shall I shake my stuff now?", that's the cue for the clothes to come off and the sucking to begin.

There's no way we can describe all the goings-on during this scene, except to say that part of it takes place on the ballroom floor, with Alektra diving into Randy's lap for oral action while at the same table, Kirsten locks lips with Tory Lane – while on the other side of the room, Jayden James gets a yen for Mick Blue's French bread, and it isn't too long before jessica drake joins the couple for hot action of her own, and Marcus London has Kayla Carrerra bouncing on his cock reverse-cowgirl style.

Moving up the grand staircase, we find TJ Cummings giving Mikayla Mendez some horsie action against the railing, while at the top of the stairs, Kaylani Lei delivers mouth-to-cock rescusitation on Rocco Reed. And that's just the beginning!

Eventually, look for Kirsten to be fucking Marcus London missionarily like there's no tomorrow – they continued getting it on even when the cameras weren't rolling; Kaylani orally pleasuring Brad Armstrong; Jayden and Tory performing reverse cowgirl on the staircase, and Alektra flitting from group to group, getting into the action wherever she finds a space open.

The orgy started about 10 p.m., and the set didn't wrap until three in the morning — and with three cameras recording the action, there likely won't be a dry handkerchief in the house once this blockbuster hits the stores.

You can see a Gallery of some of the hot action here.