On the Set: Vivid's <i>Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection</i>

LOS ANGELES –The 2005 remake of The Devil in Miss Jones was so successful that Vivid has turned the title into a franchise. Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection is less a sequel than a spinoff. A modern morality tale with hellishly hot sex, it stars Belladonna as the devil bait.

Directed by Paul Thomas from a script by frequent collaborator Raven Touchstone, the movie climaxes with a group sex scene featuring the whole cast. Originally scheduled for a month ago, it’s finally going to be shot today.

When Belladonna came down with what she thought was a herpes rash in August, production on the nine-day shoot was halted. The orgy had to be rescheduled, and on a date when all ten performers were sure they’d be free.

Today’s the day, at a Los Angeles nightclub that occasionally moonlights as a porn location during off-hours. In the movie it plays the role of a taxi-dance club.

Belladonna is in sunny high spirits. It’s the Monday after she announced on her MySpace blog that her rash-induced decision to forgo fucking on screen was null and void. Back on a set for the first time in weeks, she seems lighter than air.

Her black hair in bangs, she smoothly hits her marks in some brief dialogue scenes, then trades her character’s hooker heels for comfy booties while she relaxes and chats with her colleagues.

A visitor from AVN wants to know: “Are you really going to stop having sex with men on screen?”

“No!” she grins. “You haven’t read my blog.”

The herpes scare turned out to be a skin rash that soon disappeared. “It can happen when you’re under a lot of stress, which I was,” she says. But she won’t panic again. “It was a learning thing. It made me stronger.”

Thomas directed the Miss Jones remake on film, but its sequel is being shot on video, with the estimable Jane Waters as director of photography.

An icon of porn’s Golden Age, Thomas laments the passing of film features, but he knows they’re pretty much a thing of the past. And shooting video, he concedes, is so much easier—faster and cheaper. Resurrection, he says, will have “lots of hot sex. The trick is to keep the focus on the story through all of the sex—not to lose the thread of the plot.”

The theme is similar to that of The Devil’s Advocate, the 1997 Robert De Niro-Keanu Reeves starrer. This Miss Jones “fucks people over to get ahead and then has to pay the piper.” Or in this case three pipers.
Savanna Samson (Miss Jones in the remake) plays Pandora Phoenix, one of an Unholy Trinity of devils. The other two-thirds are Nick Manning and Evan Stone.

Each one has had sex with Bella in previous scenes but today they’re going to gang up and bang her en masse.

After a dialogue exchange between Bella and Penny Flame, a party scene gets underway with about 20 male and female extras in funny hats, armed with noisemakers and confetti.

Screenwriter Touchstone, visiting the set, seems a bit confused. As she wrote it, Bella’s character is fleeing from the demonic threesome, but here she seems to be winding up at a party. She wonders how the director will tie it all together, but she’s not worried.

“I’m trusting PT to enhance it. He’ll figure it out.” Over the years she’s learned that that’s about all a writer can do. “If you can write and direct,” she sighs, “you’ve got the best of both worlds.”

Touchstone feels her script is “one of the best I’ve ever done.” It has a pronounced “anti-religion aspect. That’s one of my pet things.”

PT expands on that. “This is a long, serious, heavy movie, with lots of talk about the Trinity and the Devil.” The party is his attempt to “lighten it up a bit.”

The club scene will segue into the orgy. After boogieing for awhile, the merrymakers freeze in their tracks and stare into the camera lens. At this point the movie will cut to what they see: Bella bound to a cross, or X-frame, suspended on a wall.

The extras are dismissed, the room cleared out and Thomas’ crew starts setting up for the sex.

In addition to Bella, Savanna, Manning and Stone, the performers are Flame, Rebecca Linares, Victoria Sin and Carmella Bing, a tall, big-breasted newcomer. The men are Steven St. Croix and Tom Byron, who still sports the nerdy, side-parted haircut he got for his role as a randy evangelical.

They’ll have an orgy of their own next to the kingsize bed used for balling Bella.

But first comes the tying.

“Can I rig her now?” line producer Shylar Cobi asks PT.

Bella has brought along her own “rope man,” Joseph, an expert in Japanese bondage, with its emphasis on intricate binding and knotting.

He spends a good 40 minutes fastening Bella to the cross, twining loop after loop from a pile of ropes around her ankles, waist, bosom. His pliant subject giggles.

The rest of the cast, who are all pumped up and ready to fuck, bide their time with recreational foreplay. Savanna chats with Nick while massaging Evan’s full erection.

Finally Joseph announces, “Last rope, PT.” Last step: he attaches her raised arms to the frame with velcro cuffs, and the cross is gently hoisted about three feet off the ground.

“Joseph, she looks great up there,” PT says admiringly.

“I’m comfortable,” Bella reassures everyone. She’s still all smiles.

Warmed up and then some, the actors get heavily into the sex right away. Penny, Rebecca and Victoria sensuously caress the trussed-up star. On the bed, Savanna goes down on Manning as Stone goes down on her.

Rebecca is blowing the fully clothed Byron, Victoria and Carmella are working on St. Croix while Penny is spanking Bella’s pussy and pulling out a dildo.

Jane Waters’ camera, on a dolly track, covers all the action, with a second cameraman perched on a ladder high above. The dramatically lit scene is smoking.

PT flashes a big grin at the AVN reporter. “It’s like the ‘70s!” Pause. “If we had crappy video in the ‘70s instead of film.”

After several minutes of very heavy action, Bella seems to be reaching her limit. “One more minute,” she says.

“30 seconds,” PT orders. “Say When, Bella. Don’t be a hero, say When.”

Bella is detached from the cross but the elaborate rope work stays on her body. PT cautions the others not to “yank on the ropes” in the heat of passion.

The passion is indeed hot—high energy sex from some of the industry’s most experienced professionals. Savannah goes after Bella with a strap-on as Bella goes down on Evan, long strands of saliva drooling from her mouth.

The action continues in various combinations, as Rebecca and Byron join the foursome on the bed. Nick fucks Savanna and Stone pounds Bella’s anus as she groans and screams.

The four men encircle Bella for serial cumshots. PT wants two of them to shoot on her feet. Byron gets off on one, St. Croix hits the other. Manning does his “droppin’ loads” on her face. Stone dumps in her mouth. Victoria and Rebecca lick her clean.

Bella stares, exhausted, into the camera. Tired but happy is what her look conveys, and back in the thick of the action again.

Vivid will release Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection in 2008.

Pictured: Belladonna, director Paul Thomas. Photo: Vivid.