On the Set: Sweetheart Video's 'Mother Lovers Society 11'

This article originally ran in the May 2014 issue of AVN magazine.

Early winter 2013-4 was a rough time for East Coast-based director Melissa Monet in trying to get Mother Lovers Society 11 off the ground for Sweetheart Video. The shoot was originally scheduled for early December, but when a performer showed up HIV-positive after being tested at a local facility, Free Speech Coalition declared a moratorium, and Monet's scheduled dates went south. She tried to reschedule for early January, but that's when the first "polar vortex" hit the Northeast, forcing yet another rescheduling.

But director, cast and crew finally got together in late January, and the results were not only among Monet's best, but they also featured a surprise: the return of Skye Blue to adult acting.

"I think she's been in a few things recently, but she's new to Sweetheart, which is exciting for us—and of course she looks absolutely fantastic," Monet said. "She's always been a beautiful woman and always had an incredible body, so this is going to be exciting because right now, for our [older/younger] genre, we use women that are over 30 and happily so. I try to have the mothers be over 40. It kind of kills me to hire a 30-year-old to play a mom of a 22-year-old."

Besides Blue, the movie stars Jessie Andrews, Casey Calvert, Claire Robbins, Julia Ann, Lola Foxx, India Summer and Aaliyah Love—and rest assured, the young'uns are up to no good!

"The plot is that it's a get-together between some old girlfriends, and they bring their daughters along," Monet explained. "Well, two of the daughters aren't stellar children, and they plot to put the mothers and daughter mix-up together to—it's kind of a revenge thing, but it turns out that it doesn't work out in their favor at the end."

AVN got to be present for two scenes, the first between Blue and Andrews, which takes place in a kitchen setting. Seems Andrews and Calvert, the "non-stellar children," have been plotting to set each of their moms up the other mom's daughter, and that's what brings Blue and Andrews to be sharing a window seat for hot girl/girl loving. Expect plenty of kissing and tit-licking before the pair settle onto a long seat/storage space in front of a large window unit that overlooks the pool—and it's there that Blue makes a dive for Andrews' inviting pussy. These gals don't need toys to help satisfy their urges, and while Blue pleasures Andrews both reclining and standing, and even fingers Andrews' pussy as the naked, lanky brunette sits on Blue's lap, it's clear that Andrews' juices are flowing and won't stop until she gets to turn the tables. Andrews furiously fingers both herself and Blue while chowing down on Blue's open pussy, but in the end, look for a lot of kissing and caressing on the window seat as the gals bask in the sexual afterglow.

The other scene pairs Calvert and Robbins, and lucky them, they get to do it in bed! Calvert's the aggressor here, insinuating herself under the covers as Robbins sleeps in order to wake her (and her pussy) in the best way. Before long, the two are scissoring each other, after which they take turns climbing over the other's body to get at the waiting snatch. Robbins also manages a bit of facesitting and even some tribbing until the pair collapse next to each other—and discuss how to get even more younger/older lesbian sex going in the house.

Mother Lovers Society 11 will be released by Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media in May.