On the Set : 'Sex Files 2'

The Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody was not only the co-winner of 2009’s Best Sex Parody award; it was a damned good movie in its own right, and the hot sex was just the icing on the cake. And one might have thought, “How could Revolution X top that?”

The answer is X-Files super-fan Sam Hain.

“I’m very concerned with making these films work very much like the television show,” Hain explained, “and if you’re a fan of the series and you’re a fan of adult material, in theory, if you wanted to, you could have these two adult films—and a third if we are able to make it—fit into continuity with the actual series.”

Viewers who were savvy enough about the mainstream sci-fi drama starring (AVN reader) David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to be able to pick up on the allusions to that series strewn throughout The Sex Files will be particularly happy with Sex Files 2, which Hain wrote as a prequel to the first movie.

“I’m very concerned about making them be true to the series, so in order to have the characters that are in this film—characters like the Cigarette Smoking Man and Alex Krycek and the Lone Gunmen and all these people—and to get them all into the alien mythology part of the series, I had to have it take place in the season before when the last one took place. So the last film would have taken place in Season 7, which in theory is when Mulder and Scully consummated their relationship, and in order to get all the characters in, I had to set [Sex Files 2] in Season 6.”

As Hain sees it, the mainstream series had two basic types of plots: The “monster of the week” type of story and the “alien mythos” storyline that arched over the entire nine seasons. So having made the first type with The Sex Files, Hain was keen to tackle the “alien mythos” with this one.

“As our story opens, there have been a series of arsons and murders around Eastern Virginia during the previous week, and Mulder and Scully are tipped off by someone that they should investigate it,” Hain detailed. “So they go and investigate and find that some of the black oil from the series, which is what the aliens who used to live on the earth, what their sentience has stayed on earth as, this black oil, and they find some of the black oil at each of the crime scenes, so they’re trying to figure out who really tipped them off and why this black oil is around and what’s going on exactly.”

We can’t reveal more of the plot here, but we can describe a couple of the killer sex scenes the movie will offer.

Of course, Mulder (Anthony Rosano) and Scully (Kimberly Kane) got it on famously “for the first time” in the earlier movie, but here, their liaison takes place in Rosano’s dream. The pair find themselves in a large shower stall, and after the obligatory b.j., Rosano plows Kane in horsie position as she leans against the shower spigots before the pair sink to the tiled floor for a hot cowgirl ride in both directions.

Equally steamy is the hook-up between FBI agent Fowler (India Summer) and the Cigarette Smoking Man (Eric John). He’s waiting for her as she enters her apartment, and the two quickly lock in a passionate kiss as they undress each other. Hot muff-munching follows, as well as reverse cowgirl and spoon, finishing with a mish on the arm of her couch.

The Sex Files 2: A Dark XXX Parody will be released Aug. 26 by RevolutionX/Digital Sin. A gallery of 3D shots taken on the set can be found here. Or go to AXXXParody.com to see the trailer. This article originally ran in the July 2010 issue of AVN.