On The Set: Seasoned Players 16

NORTH HILLS, Calif.—Tiny blonde Nikki Charm was practically giddy.

"I haven't had eyelashes in forever!" she exclaimed from the makeup chair on the set of Tom Byron's Seasoned Players 16. "And I haven't had my makeup done and things like that in a very long time, so this is kind of a treat."

Charm first joined the adult industry in 1984, about a month after her 18th birthday, and one of her first scenes was with … Tom Byron.

"I just love him," she said. "We go back a long way, and I've always liked working with him. I mean, yeah, I'm a little bit nervous about doing my first scene in more than 10 years, but this is so much more comfortable than any of the other times I came back before, because this is with Tom, so that just makes it like being at home."

Of course, the series is all about making comebacks, even if some of Byron's "finds" stay for their one scene and go back to their mainstream lives.

"They just kind of come out of the woodwork and show up," Byron explained. "Or it's like I'll get the word that so-and-so is thinking about making a comeback, and I'll just figure out a way to get a hold of them, and sort it out. In the case of Inari Vachs, I actually shot the scene for Seasoned Players 15 a few months ago, and didn't release it until she had made her official comeback. So I just keep my ear to the ground and figure out what's going on and I talk to people."

This day, Charm is her usual bubbly self, interested in all aspects of the production process, and Byron shows her mock-ups of the packaging for some previous Seasoned Players volumes. He then hustles her down to his makeshift photography studio, where his cameraman captures the petite actress in a variety of poses for the DVD package and both Byron's and Charm's websites.

Then it's back upstairs for the real action to begin. The cameraman first places Charm in a comfy chair for a hot masturbation scene. Charm gets off while rubbing her clit furiously; her head rolling from side to side and her low moans signal her orgasm.

Byron enters, and the pair move to his bed, where Charm helps him get in the mood with a little knob-polishing, and he returns the favor by placing her on the bed and licking her pussy. Missionary comes next, as Charm wraps her legs around Byron's waist; then on to cowgirl and reverse, with Charm demonstrating high energy bouncing on his cock. The final position is doggie, which seems to be one of Charm's favorites, and in a few minutes, she's on her knees on the floor, waiting to take his spew in her mouth. Then it's baby-wipes and showers and a warm good-bye … for now.

Seasoned Players 16 will also showcase performances from bygone performers such as Mandy Sweet and Morgan Ray. Its street date is May 12.

This article ran in the May 2010 issue of AVN magazine. Click here for a gallery of 3D photographs taken on set.