On the Set: Rock Candy's 'Sarah Palin Chronicles'

It's two weeks before the most important election of this generation and Raquel Devine is multi-tasking on the top floor of the Andora House, one of Porn Valley's legendary locations atop the peaks of the Chatsworth hills. Devine is in the house's '70s-style sunken den, on her hands and knees taking Steve Driver from behind while she balances a pair of glasses on her face and does her best version of Tina Fey's Sarah Palin lampoon.

"Are you going to fuck the American people like this if you take office, governor?" Driver, playing Barack Obama, asks her as he thrusts.

"You betcha!" Devine replies. "I'm the governor of Alaska, I can do whatever I want!"

The movie's working title is Sarah Palin Chronicles: Spread, White & Blue and Devine's Alaskan accent is spot on. Director Dick Tracy observes the action from the den's perimeter as name players Rick Davis and Corey Jordan work dual cameras. Producer Sean Brookland calls out lines from the sidelines.

"Drill baby, drill!" Brookland shouts when the performers switch to an oral interlude.

"Drill baby, drill in my mouth!" Devine says between mouthfuls. And later, after he pops in her, "I can feel your black gold inside of me."

"Sarah Palin is a walking target," Tracy says after the scene wraps. "And Raquel Devine is so good. She had me laughing so hard yesterday during a three-way with two secret service agents. My eyes hurt I was crying so hard."

Palin certainly is a target and Rock Candy, Brookland's company with adult portfolio start-up Adult Entertainment Capital (AEC), isn't the only one taking a shot at her. Hustler has also made big news with its forthcoming Who's Nailin' Paylin? Lisa Ann was originally slated to play the Palin role in today's production, but when Hustler snatched her up, Lisa Ann sent the perfect replacement from her talent agency. Hustler's parody may have gotten mentioned on the "Colbert Report" but Sarah Palin Chronicles is the more daring of the two. While Hustler shied away from putting the Obama and Palin characters in the same scene, Rock Candy is eagerly diving into the controversy.

"The original idea was from Todd Ault [CEO of Adult Entertainment Capital]," notes Brookland. "We started talking about this one night after watching SNL. This was about three days before Hustler announced Nailin' Paylin."

Brookland then started pre-production, enlisted the help of a sunglasses-wearing Hollywood type named Gutzenstein on the script, brought on Dick Tracy to direct and had to act quickly to get the movie completed before the election.

Initially, Sarah Palin Chronicles will be released in serial format as the exclusive debut feature on AdultSpoof.com. The first installment was released on Oct. 28. The second will go live on Friday, Oct. 31. And the final installment will be released on Election Day, November 4th. DVD distribution is currently in negotiation and the movie's broadcast is being handled by Cable Entertainment Distribution.

"We're saving the best for last," Tracy adds, in regards to the day's final scene. "Mark Davis is on his way right now. He's the best in the biz and he's going to kill it."

Davis will be playing McCain. "We have a wig for him to wear," Tracy notes. "McCain is going to pop in his wife's ass. His assistant is going to suck the load out of her ass and spit it into Sarah Palin's mouth.

"That's called going to hell in a fucking handbasket."

"I have been so into Tina Fey's spoof of Palin. She has so many great catch phrases," Devine says and switches on her Alaskan accent. "You betcha Joe Six Pack!"

On the chance that the McCain/Palin ticket wins in November, Sarah Palin Chronicles is going to become an ongoing venture. "I want to keep playing her," Devine adds with a wink, "so I'm going to vote for Palin and the maverick. Purely for selfish reasons."

When Mark Davis shows up on set, Tracy asks Devine to do her Sarah Palin impression for him.

"Oh, I want to suck your big cock. You betcha," she says with plenty of short "a" sounds to go around.

"Sarah Palin and my dad are both graduates of the University of Ohio," Devine adds with a smile. "We're practically family."

"There was a joke on set that we would burn in hell, or that the IRS or U.S. Marshal would come knocking on the door," Brookland says. "But I'm not worried because any lawyer would love to take this 1st Amendment case.

"I'm looking forward to seeing Hustler's version. But I think ours is going to have a more humorous tone. We've had a lot of fun with this. We blow out of proportion some of the things she's really said."

Sarah Palin Chronicles: Spread, White & Blue will be released on DVD in late November.