On the Set: 'Private Sex Society'

Location houses go in and out of vogue, like fashion. This three-house compound is hot right now. The narrow one-way road leading to it and its isolation—although it is five minutes away from a major freeway—may have something to do with this. In one of the larger rooms, a table loaded with packaged condoms, lube, rubber gloves and hand sanitizer sits under an L.A. County Public Health Operating Permit. My phone automatically connects to the wi-fi.

On this hot day, Luc Wylder is shooting a fantasy dream orgy sequence here for his new series, Private Sex Society, for Fallen Angel, to be distributed by Adam & Eve Pictures.

As co-producer Alexandra Silk busies herself setting out the craft table with fruit, gluten-free cookies, nuts, vegetables, chocolate candy and jellybeans, the director says, "It was our intention as producers to shoot Amateur Angels, Adult Stars at Home, things like that. … Everybody wants to shoot features, but there's a whole reality side of sex and porn that we don't want to neglect. There's an audience that wants this stuff. … This is an extension of Swingers Wife Swap, because any time anything goes along too smoothly, we have to tweak it," he adds with a laugh.

The premise of Private Sex Society is that curious couples are exploring their sexuality with other people, and they act out their fantasies while their thoughts are intercut into the final production. The scene is a fantasy orgy in Blair Williams' mind: She fantasizes a group of masked people—all couples—admiring a tattoo of a woman's face she has on her ribcage, leading to an orgy.

As Alexa Grace poses for her pretty-girls, Jay Smooth and Mr. Pete amble in. "If you're always ready, you don't have to get ready," Pete says with a laugh. Williams enters in a short black dress, long-sleeved and low cut. Her makeup enhances her look, but isn't full-on glamour. When she turns, a lace-up gap from shoulder to hem is visible on the left side of the dress. The gap narrows when she pulls the dress down to expose her breasts. "It's a hot day—why put 'em away?" she smiles to the BTS camera. Maya Kendrick walks in in a gray dress, a paisley scarf around her neck. "You look like a flight attendant," Williams says.

Wylder sets up the "couples" for a group shot. Kendrick is paired with Smooth, Grace with Mr. Pete, Isiah Maxwell with Whitney Wright, and Williams with Michael Vegas.

After they get the fully clothed shots, Wylder says, "Lets do it naked."

"Including the guys?" someone asks, and Wylder ripostes, "Just the guys."

Instead, of course, the guys leave their pants on and the woman are mostly nude for the next picture set. Wylder tells them, "Eyes to the camera. Eyes and teeth."

Wylder lays down the ground rules for the scene: "I don't want everybody switching off with everyone else. It's confusing. I'm shooting hard and soft at the same time. If you have a real desire to have sex with your couple partner, do one position and move on. You will have sex with one other partner. I'm trying to make this look like a real party. Have sex with one person, but interact with the others too. Touching, kissing, caressing. I want everybody to look like they're having fun."

As the scene begins, Vegas unzips Williams' dress, exposing the tattoo and also her breasts. The players move closer to Williams, gathering around her. Wright is wiggling her butt into Maxwell. Hands reach out to the tattoo. Cut. "Now we can get naked and have sex!" cameraman Chris Streams says. The performers get ready as Wylder and Streams confer as to who'll shoot hard and who'll shoot soft. They're shooting straight through, without any retakes.

"No spitting, no slapping, very vanilla," Wylder says before they start. "Try and communicate." Williams tales center position, rearranging her dress so her nipple is covered. "I want everybody's hands on her," Wylder says as the cameras take their positions. "Action!" Vegas fingers Williams' clit as she giggles, then unties the bow and starts to unlace her dress. "Start to help her." Smooth helps her by pulling a boob out and kissing it. The tattoo is on display now, and Williams sighs with hands all over her.Kendrick kisses Williams as Smooth fingers her pussy. Wright is wriggling out of her bodysuit, kissing Maxwell. Williams, naked now, kisses Smooth. Pete and Wright double-team Grace's breasts, then Pete comes around behind Wright. Maxwell pulls off Grace's dress, kisses her.

During the water break. Pete says, "This is the hottest scene I've done this year. Physical heat," which starts everybody relating hot-day-hot-shoot stories as they chug from their water bottles.

Wylder smiles paternally at the players, then confers with Strokes to discuss the rest of the scene. Let them cool off. Things will heat up again in a few minutes. 

Fallen Angel's Private Sex Society is out now, distributed by Adam & Eve Pictures. The movie also stars Dana DeArmond, Lucas Frost, Elsa Jean, Brad Newman and AJ Applegate; see more photos here.